Our Story

I'm not sure when my love of growing flowers began.  It might have started with Mary Lennox asking her grief ridden uncle for a bit of earth, in the novel The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Curled up next to my mother as she read about that magical place coming to life, daffodils, snow drops, and later, roses upon roses bursting into bloom, I was captivated.  Growing up in Southern California, I had plenty of opportunities to putter around gardens with my mom, and both of my grandmothers. My mother knew and loved all the flowers, it seemed.  My Grandma Ruth would break off a geranium stem and place it in water, showing me the roots that would begin to grow days later. She shared her knowledge of herbs, and her cast off seed catalogs, with me.  I helped my Grandma Millie plant annuals in the spring and made little dolls with clover and four o'clock blossoms in her spacious and rather jungle like  backyard. After my Grandma Ruth passed away, I was blessed to have a Grandma Dot enter my life as my Grandfathers new bride, she shared her sweet peas and love of growing too.  They all loved flowers, and I, in turn, learned to love flowers too.

Fawn age 4, already enamored with flowers.


Fast forward a few (okay, a lot of) years, my husband David and I made the big leap to leave Southern California and  move closer to his parents in Utah.  We  were finally able to purchase our first home, a duplex on a tiny unfinished lot.  As we dove head first into landscaping,  my childhood dreams were coming true, I finally had my own bit of earth to tend and plant.  Only it wasn't enough, I needed more, so in 2013 we moved to a smaller home on a larger lot.  Now with 4 sons in tow, we began designing and building my dream potager, complete with a cutting garden.  It didn't take long to realize that it would be a lot more fun to share the bounty of our garden than keep it to ourselves, and we established Sego Lily Flower Farm in 2017.  We focus on growing cut flower varieties that are unique, that wouldn't survive the rigors of shipping, are most beautiful when grown locally and grow them in a way that is safe for our family and yours.

Our family, circa 2013

Our family, circa 2013

Our Farm

Smack dab in the middle of the Salt Lake valley, our little micro farm is situated on our 1/3 acre suburban lot. We focus on sustainable growing practices, feeding the soil with organic material, and avoid the excessive use of herbicides and pesticides.